NTI-tss™ Relieves Head Pain

A Simple Oral Device That Reduces Jaw Tension

Migraine Relief

Are you suffering from morning headaches or frequent migraines?

We may be able to help. Talk to us to find out if a unique oral device—the NTI-tss—can help you find relief from a major cause of head and jaw pain.

What causes your migraines?

Migraines are caused by a variety of triggers. But did you know that a major source of migraine pain is actually in your jaw? It’s true.

This area is made up of a complex set of bones, muscles, joints and nerves. They work together in harmony for eating and communicating. But when this balance is off, you can feel tension and pain in the head, face and neck.

How NTI-tss alleviates head pain

When tension or unwanted habits cause you to clench your jaw, you are actually tensing muscles around the entire head and neck.

For nighttime sufferers of jaw clenching, that’s several continuous hours of tight muscles leading to pain, discomfort and headaches.

Devices like the NTI-tss help alleviate this tension and reduce or eliminate pain.

What is the NTI-tss?

The NTI-tss Plus™ is a simple yet effective solution to preventing teeth clenching while you sleep. Simply put it’s a guard that protects your jaw muscles from contracting and your teeth from clamping tight.

It’s like a mouthguard, but this one is smaller and specially fitted for the front of the mouth. Patients find it less obtrusive and easier to wear.

In addition to eliminating nighttime clenching that can lead to pain, the NTI-tss offers many important oral health benefits including reducing tooth wear.

Talk to us to find out why the NTI-tss is actually a superior option over conventional mouthguards. And be sure to ask us about custom fit options that may be right for your needs.

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