Gum Disease Treatment

Offering LANAP & Gum Infection Treatments to New Milford, Brookfield, Danbury, CT & surrounding areas

Dr. Borrello uses LANAP as an alternative to surgical treatments for gum infections

What is LANAP?

LANAP is an acronym for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is an FDA cleared gum therapy technique for the treatment of infected swollen gums and loose teeth, as opposed to traditional gum surgery with a surgical knife. Only a dentist trained and licensed by the Millenium Laser Company can perform LANAP. If others dentists tell you they can accomplish LANAP, or something just like it, ask them where and when they received their training. Only the Millennium Company has the university research to prove the success of its PerioLase. Only the Periolase is being used in a growing number of university based periodontal training centers. Dr Borrello Is licensed and trained by the Millenium Laser Company.

How does LANAP work?

Tartar associated with inflamed and bleeding gums is removed from root surfaces with local anesthesia using a piezo scaler and other small instruments. Oral conscious sedation can also be used in addition to local anesthesia. Then a small, but effective, amount of light energy from a laser, called a PerioLase is directed through a tiny fiber gently placed between the teeth and gums. Diseased internal gum tissue is removed, and the remaining bone that keeps the teeth in place is stimulated to produce NEW BONE and a new healthy attachment between the bone and gums. This results in firmer teeth and healthy gum tissue without the disfigurement and discomfort of traditional surgery with a scalpel. It is a very comfortable procedure with NO CUTTING, NO SEWING, and NO FEAR.

How long does LANAP take?

Depending on the severity of the patient’s gum disease, treatment may be accomplished in one visit, or two visits. Several follow up visits are included.

Does LANAP hurt?

Although the procedure is quite painless, we anesthetize the area for patient comfort. We can also sedate you if you are very anxious about any form of dental treatment. Post procedure discomfort is typically very minimal and of short duration. Analgesics are prescribed.

Does LANAP cost more than traditional gum surgery?

Typically we use the same billing codes as traditional gum surgery and so laser treatment is no more expensive than traditional surgery.

How do I know if I am a candidate for LANAP?

Do you bleed when you brush, floss, or eat certain foods?

Are any of your teeth loose? Gums sore?

Do you have a heavy build up of tartar on any of your teeth? Look behind the lower front teeth!

Have you been told you have Periodontal Disease? Have constantly bad breath?

Would you prefer to save your teeth if it were possible? Want to avoid full and partial dentures?

Are you willing to follow specific operative procedures, and do your part to obtain an optimal

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